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No one ever says Sterling's paintings are simple or dull. Carried out with masterful artistry, often with vigorous lively colors, Sterling has a propensity for coming out with thought provoking stories about cultures and people he has lived with.

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Rathsack,OC,Wild Pigeons,27X22,1988.jpg

"Autobiography" series was created after being inspired by a self portrait exhibit. This group of paintings was exhibited at the Tweed Museum, Duluth, Minnesota in1988 and went out into the world in various forms of exhibition and sales to individuals and institutions. 

Rathsack,OC,Dump Children,26X30in,1999,.

In Siam, painted in 1999, is a series of historical narratives reflecting on Sterling Rathsack's two and one half years spent in Southeast Asia at the height of the Viet Nam War. Rathsack's often ironic account focusses on the "Rest and Relaxation" (R&R) centers of Bangkok and the bustling bars lining highways along every U.S. military installation.

BERathsack,OC,The Arms of Venus,60X48,19

Forever observing, thinking about peoples behavior and the effect on society or the natural environment, Sterling often puts down his thoughts on canvas. His Political-Social paintings are usually wittingly spirited, somberly messaged.

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